Human-Computer Interaction Seminar

This is the main seminar of the HCI group of the Human-IST Institute. The topics will change each semester and will be proposed by Human-IST members. Each participant will be supervised by one Human-IST member.

With the advent of autonomous cars, mobile devices and conversational agents, the question of the interaction with digital devices in everyday life is becoming more and more relevant. The aim of the HCI seminar is to look at this question over several specific contexts and expose students to state-of-the art research in Human-Computer Interaction.

Through a set of topics for the participants to choose from, the different research fields studied within the Human-IST institute will be reviewed and discussed. Again, each specific topic is proposed by a member of the Human-IST team who will be available, each time needed, during the semester to follow the work of the student selecting it.

Prof. Denis Lalanne

Dr Julien Nembrini (contact person)

The introductory lecture will be on Wednesday March 10 2021 9h00 online. We will communicate the link to connect in a subsequent email. Please contact Dr Julien Nembrini, with copy to Prof. Denis Lalanne, if you wish to attend.

Work to be done

Students will be asked to :

  • Conduct an in-depth review of the state-of-the-art of their chosen topic
  • Discuss their findings with their respective tutor
  • Write a 4-pages article summarizing their review work
  • Present their article to the seminar participants

Interested computer science students are invited to participate by expressing their interest on two specific topics (preferred and secondary choices) among the ones presented on the topics page.

link to the topics

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the seminar, students will know how to do a bibliographic research and be exercised in writing a scientific article. Further, they will build a general knowledge on the field of HCI and its current techniques and trends, as well as an in-depth understanding on their chosen topic.


Express your interest about both your chosen topics with a short text (3-5 sentences) to Dr Julien Nembrini, mentioning which one is your preferred topic. Each reference person will contact you if you are chosen for participating to the seminar. Others will receive a notification email.

link to the topics

email :

Registration Process

  1. Participate to the first introductory session on Wednesday March 10 2021 9h00 online.
  2. Express your interest for a specific topic as mentioned above.
  3. Wait for confirmation of your participation.

Seminar Process

  1. Select state-of-the-art references relevant to the chosen thematic, synthesize these references to structure the research field, discuss and refine your approach with your topic reference person.
  2. Present the structure developed to the other participants of the seminar for the intermediate presentation.
  3. Synthesize the selected bibliographic references in a written 4 pages article, authored in LaTeX following ACM SIGCHI format.
  4. Discuss and refine your article with your topic reference person.
  5. Present your review in one of the final presentation sessions (end of semester)


The evaluation will be conducted by the topic reference person and the person responsible for the seminar.

The evaluation will be based on:

  • quality of the review work (reference selection and field structure) (30%)
  • quality of the intermediate and final presentation (20%)
  • quality of the written article (50%)

Date: 2021, Spring